Obstruction and destruction: Benghazi and the budget

by Kurt Jaworski

As some letter writers would have it, the GOP-directed Benghazi hearings have become trial-by-innuendo.

In stating that, based on such proceedings, a future vote for Ms. Clinton is no longer compatible with a “clear conscience,” such writers have drawn conclusions outrageously beyond what e-mail correspondence and other sources indicate.

What exactly has been revealed by these subpoena-empowered Republican “fishermen”? What is Ms. Clinton guilty of?

Of course, in the zero-sum game of modern political warfare such specifics are quite beside the point. Rather, to the GOP, whose understanding of “governance” includes, by turns, obstruction and destruction, the truth has become a rather uninteresting commodity. The mere suggestion of wrongdoing seems to be quite enough, thank you.

What there can be no doubt about, however, is that the same Republicans now hard at work in making political hay out of a diplomatic corps tragedy are the very same party loyalists who denied adequate security funding for such “brave Americans.” This gamesmanship, which I have come to identify as the GOP “Rope-a-Dope,” appears regularly on Capitol Hill.

How similar to last year’s version when, after the Republican House had repeatedly defeated job-creating bills, GOP VP candidate and House Member Paul Ryan, apparently without shame, took to the campaign trail asking in near-apoplectic frenzy: “Where are the jobs, Mr. President?”


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