PA is no island

email from Shira Goodman, Executive Director, CeaseFirePA, 5/21/13

Across the Commonwealth, Pennsylvanians have been calling on our representatives to take action to make us safer. But what’s been drawing attention away from this serious work is a dangerous — not to mention unconstitutional — proposal to criminalize any new federal gun legislation and make it unenforceable in Pennsylvania. HB 357 goes even further and would make a felon of any law enforcement official — federal, state or local — who tried to do his or her job and enforce any new federal gun laws.

What’s more, this proposal has 76 cosponsors in the House. That’s 76 state representatives who think it’s a valid exercise of their power to put forth laws that are illegal under the federal constitution and that would make Pennsylvania its own island instead of part of this great United States.

State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams calls this proposal “fringe talk unworthy of Pennsylvania — and most certainly a 21st century Pennsylvania. House Bill 357 defies common sense and consideration. We cannot – and should not – abide ludicrous, embarrassing legislation that amounts to little more than an unconstitutional, time-wasting distraction as opposed to a meaningful contribution to the ongoing and serious debate about guns.”

“I hold the greatest respect for my colleagues in the General Assembly, but I am disappointed that 76 of them – of both parties – have signed on to this bill. If you are too, let them know. Ask your representative to put a halt to this bill and this kind of language that seeks to further divide, not unite, us. Your voice matters here.”

Pennsylvania could and should be leading the nation in the fight against gun violence. 

Join Senator Williams and CeaseFirePA and tell those 76 legislators to get on the right side of the gun violence issue and the right side of the law.


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