Two letters on gun violence prevention

Daily Local News, 5/10/13

Don’t cloud the mission

It has now been five months since 26 children and women were gunned down in their classrooms in Sandy Hook, and what have we done as a nation to prevent another such event? Nothing, though we have acted to continue to allow criminals and the mentally ill to acquire guns without a background check at a gun show.

Have we gone insane? What has happened to us since 1999 when the NRA supported universal background checks? Mass hysteria and irrational fear is not only possible, but has occurred in the past with otherwise intelligent and productive populations. We humans are fearful creatures, but let’s not let our fear for ourselves cloud our mission as civilized society to protect our young.


Gun raffle is insensitive

CeaseFirePA shares the concerns of many West Chester residents about the sheriff’s decision to raffle off several guns, including a semi-automatic AR 15 assault rifle to raise money for a special department training program. While we acknowledge the raffle is legal and that the winners will undergo background checks … the central piece of effective gun laws … we believe that law enforcement agencies should not actively be seeking to put more guns on our streets.

Many sheriff’s offices and police departments are holding gun buy-backs to get guns off the streets, and we applaud their efforts. We recognize that in these tight economic times, even government agencies are seeking creative ways to raise funds, but we believe the decision to raffle off guns is insensitive to the many victims and survivors of gun violence and counterproductive at a time when our nation is engaged in active debate about how to reduce gun violence, get illegal guns off the street and keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.

Executive director of CeaseFirePA


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