Oh The Humanity

by Lisa Longo, 4/21/13

How many times have we all seen the tragic video of the Hindenburg crashing? Herbert Morrison, a radio announcer, said those words as he wept to think of those who died in the crash. And in this last week, I have wept at the loss of life, but also for what I saw as a loss of our collective humanity.

As I watched to coverage of the bombing in Boston, the explosion in Texas and the different reactions to the two events, I found myself wondering, “What has happened to our humanity?”

After the capture of the 2nd suspect, the images of people celebrating this “victory” as if their team had just scored a home run. I had to turn away, because at no time could I celebrate any part of what happened in Boston. I heard words like “jubilation” and “success” being used, and it made me angry, how could anyone use words like that about any part of the unspeakable destruction and death we witnessed this week?

It seems as if even our tragedies are now reason to celebrate.

I felt sick, and found myself concerned for how this 2nd suspect would be treated. Would he be recognized as a US citizen? It would seem this would be the 1st test of the “indefinite detention” clause of the NDAA. There are calls to treat him as an enemy combatant. Would our President invoke what I had said for a year now was a non-existent clause of the NDAA? From what I am reading, no he will not, proving to me at least, once and for all, there is no such thing as indefinite detention of US citizens on US soil. We would not give up civil liberty for retribution, and I was relieved to hear it. Once again our President is earning my respect by doing not what is easy or popular, but what is ethical, moral and by definition, part of our way of life.

Yes, what the two suspects did was evil and yes I want this captured suspect punished, but not tortured, not beaten, and certainly not killed. He is a US citizen, and unless he is found to be a traitor, he is entitled to the full protection and due process of our Constitution, and so far, I am relieved to hear that despite the heinousness of the crime he is accused of committing, he will be tried in a Court of Law.

But as I watched Boston unfold, I also had to stop and watch a town in Texas lose almost everything. 14 dead, hundreds wounded and many others lost everything in this blast.

Is this any less an act of terror? Those poor people had no idea that Texas had so under-funded safety and regulatory departments that this corporate person was a ticking time bomb. Greed, indifference and that all-mighty mantra of “small government, less taxes” led Texas to allow an unsafe and dangerous, potentially explosive operation, to continue until it literally exploded….

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