Statewide Call to Action for Public Education

from Education Voters of Pennsylvania, 4/3/13

One week from today is the Statewide Call to Action for Public Education on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Join thousands of parents, students, teachers and community members from across the state to SPEAK UP in support of our public schools on Wednesday, April 10th!

Harrisburg has cut almost $1 BILLION from public education in EACH of the last two years, and we are seeing increased class size, deep programs cuts and the elimination of vital positions like librarians and counselors in all corners of the state!

Negotiations for the 2013-14 state budget are heating up, and the Governor and state legislature need to hear from us that we want them to support public schools.  We know that just 10 calls in one day to one legislator lets them know that people are paying attention!

Mark your calendar today for Wednesday April 10th – and do 3 things in 10 minutes to make a difference!

1. Call your State Senator.

2. Call your State Representative.

3. Call Gov. Corbett’s office at (717) 787-2500.

CLICK HERE to look up your legislators’ phone numbers or visit and look up your legislators’ info in the top left corner. You can find how to make a good phone call and many other advocacy tools on our website: click “Take Action” then “Advocacy Toolkit.”

Ask your representatives to:

Reinstate $270 million in funding to K-12 education in this year’s budget. We want them to restore the nearly $1 billion in state funding level cuts, over a three year timetable, to get PA back on track to providing the financial support for the programs students need to learn and meet state academic standards.

Adopt a formula-based strategy for allocating dollars, and work toward a permanent, rational funding formula. Formulas must account for the number of students; include “weights” for the additional costs for educating students with special needs (including students in poverty, gifted students and English language learners); and provide sustainable and predictable funding for districts.

Begin to address formula and funding mechanism flaws in the way that charter schools are funded. A good formula will set rates appropriately and not pit groups of children against each other.

Want to double your impact? Ask a friend to make a call that day too!

Please take 5-10 minutes on Wednesday, April 10th to help ensure a bright future for Pennsylvania!

Visit us on the web at where you can Sign Up for Updates

Follow us on Twitter at @EdVotersPA and #educationPA


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