Elected officials want gun background checks

By Ginger Rae Dunbar, Daily Local News, 3/23/13

WEST CHESTER — Several Chester County officials joined survivors of gun violence and a gun control group Saturday to encourage legislation to require background checks on private gun sales in Pennsylvania.

“We are here today to call on Congress to require background checks for all gun purchases,” said Mayor Carolyn Comitta of West Chester.

The new proposal requires for the potential gun buyer to get a background check done at a licensed gun dealer, and the licensed gun dealer would keep the record of the private sale.

Pennsylvania law requires background checks on all sales of handguns and on all sales by a federally licensed firearms dealer. Private gun sellers are not legally bound to complete background checks or keep any records of gun sales.

CeasefirePA press release said the “loopholes put us all at risk.”

CeaseFirePA is a coalition of mayors, police chiefs, faith leaders, community organizations and individual Pennsylvanians taking a stand against gun violence.

“There’s overwhelming consensus in the sixth district of Pennsylvania and throughout the country that requiring background checks for every gun sale makes logical sense,” Comitta said regarding a recent poll in favor of background checks. “. . . We’re asking them (congress) to vote for it because it will save lives.”…

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