April Fool the Koch Brothers

Don’t Do Koch on April 1st

The Big Apple Coffee Party, our New York City affiliate, is expanding its “Don’t Do Koch” campaign to persuade the American people to choose alternatives to Koch brothers’ products when they shop – and they need all of us to help.

On April Fools’ Day, at retail outlets across the nation, we hope that all of you will want to join the Big Apple Coffee Party and hand out “Don’t Do Koch” flyers identifying products the Koch brothers make and sell with suggested alternatives.

WHEN:  Monday, April 1, 2013, at 12 PM and/or 6 PM 
(or at another time in April if you can’t join on April 1st)

WHERE:  Outside your local grocery, pharmacy or market

Gather a few of your friends, pick a store in your neighborhood that sells Koch brothers’ Georgia Pacific products, and hand out the flyers. You can do it at the times we’ve identified, or whenever is convenient for your team through the month of April. Plan to have at least two of you distributing leaflets. Let shoppers know there are product options they can buy to keep us all from being played for fools by the Kochs.  Go to the Facebook Event Page, and please like it, join it, share it and invite your friends. If you want to join an existing location, email the contact shown. To create your own location, click here and register. A toolkit containing all the things you need to run a location (including the handouts you’ll give to shoppers) are available here.

This action is easy to do. Let’s make it go viral!

If you have any questions (or if your registered location doesn’t get added to the Facebook location list), email the Big Apple Coffee Party at bigapplecoffeparty@gmail.com, or call (212) 252-2691 and leave a message.

The “Don’t Do Koch” flyering campaign works. Shoppers appreciate the information; and from their responses, it is clear that it’s impacting their shopping choices. It’s a great way to show the Koch brothers that they don’t own America!

For more information, go to Coffee Party USA.

Sally Swisher
Big Apple Coffee Party and Coffee Party USA Member

P.S.  Want to support our work? Coffee Party USA is entirely funded by our 450,000 supporter—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in 5 dollars a month or more now by clicking HERE.

[Also download the Don’t Do Koch flyer here: Dont-Do-Koch-Flyer 4-1-13]


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