The Answer Is No

by Lisa Longo, 3/10/13

This entire “debate” actually just annoys me, what is the real issue here? This debate was on my Facebook page last night, and this blog is mostly comments from that debate. It won’t be popular with liberals or conservatives, but I find the whole thing pretty despicable, and what Rand Paul did most of all. To accuse our President of plotting to kill US citizens on US soil as part of a publicity stunt? Well, I think Rand Paul needs to resign. He is a man on a mission, but the mission is not what is true or in the best interest of “we the people”, the day after his little stunt he sent out a totally false fundraiser letter claiming his inability to shut up somehow altered US policy. Honestly, this egomaniac is actually an elected official.

What is going on? Why the sudden questions? Well it all started with a letter Rand Paul wrote to our Attorney General. And in his first reply the Attorney General said, well under certain circumstances, I guess there might be circumstances where we could use a drone on US soil. What circumstances? Could you be in danger of a drone strike? Well, have you plotted the death of American’s and destruction of our government? If not, you are safe.

I’ve read many different reports on this, and at the end, they all come down to the same thing, the answer is no. Here is my question if Timothy McVeigh had been killed by a drone because he was about to blow up a federal building, would that have been justified? What if he was “just” shot? What about the guy in CA who was burned in that cabin? Where was his due process? Our government has ALWAYS had the right to use lethal force against enemies, this is a new weapon, not a new policy. I see it as just another red herring to try to make people distrust the Black man in the White House and the other Black man in charge of the Justice Department.

Feel free to comment, I am well aware I will bring on the ire of both sides on this issue, conservatives and liberals both, and here is the thing, I don’t agree with the use of drones, but guess what? No one asked if I approved, and no one asked if I approved of the invasion of Iraq either….

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