by Lisa Longo, 3/17/13

Some religions claim we are all born with “original sin” staining our soul. There are days I agree with the sentiment but not for the same sanctimonious reason most religions give. I have my own theory.

I just heard the news that two teenagers in Ohio were found guilty of raping a 16 year old girl who was unconscious. And I feel the weight of their sin on my soul, or what I consider my consciousness. I have a 16 year old, and I cannot imagine the anger, sadness, confusion, loss and violation that this young woman and her parents are enduring. I could say the same for the boys, but I honestly can’t care much about what they are feeling. I am sad for their parents and families, and I cannot imagine how a family can ever recover from this type of tragedy. But for the two boys, I have no sympathy.

Even as I write those words, I realize they are not absolutely true. My heart breaks for them too. They ruined their lives, and for what? Why? By what standard did they think that what they did was okay? I have seen and heard some of the video, of one boy saying he wouldn’t care if that was his daughter, and it made me physically sick to hear it.

Is this the society we have created? One where boys are so callous as to joke about their own daughter being raped and killed? How the hell did we allow this to happen? How did we allow even one boy to be brought up to think this was okay?

And I can’t help but think that we allow so many violations, every day. The vicious reality TV shows. The disparaging attacks on our politicians. The lies, innuendo and invective that flow from certain TV talking heads and their sponsors. We have politicians who are legislating that women must undergo a vaginal probe before getting an abortion. There are lobbyists arguing that of course we can’t stop a manufacturer from selling a video game where the “player” gets points for murdering prostitutes. And we allow networks to dish out a never-ending barrage of bad taste and worse behavior, while selling us pills we don’t need for ailments we wouldn’t have if they weren’t selling us shit that was bad for us from the start.

And I think we are all guilty. This is our world, we made it. We created it in our image. And so, we are all guilty of allowing our society to rape, torture, murder and we look away and pretend it is not happening. We think that it is no one we know, that it is not our sons who rape, not our neighbors who kill, not our friends who would do such a thing. But it is. It is someone’s son. Someone’s neighbor. Someone’s friend. And that is why I say we are all guilty.

It won’t stop until we stop it. …

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