Allow me to personally deliver your letter [on gun control]

[Of course you should join Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America]

Subject: Allow me to personally deliver your letter…

I have just finished the conference call with Moms Demand Action preparing me for this coming Wednesday’s day of lobbying in DC.

About 250 of us will be attending a White House briefing followed by meetings with our senators or their staff. In addition to telling our own stories we will giving our senators photos of loved ones lost to gun violence and our own stories about why we personally have a stake public safety and in supporting sensible laws intended to keep guns away from criminals and abusers. We will close by participating in a press conference during which Senators Feinstein, Boxer and Gillibrand and Representatives Pelosi, Delauro and McCarthy among others, will speak.

We’re invited to deliver letters from others, such as yourself, who wish to tell their stories. As we’ll likely be meeting with legislators outside our own constituency as well as our own, the letters will not be addressed to anyone in particular but should be pretty specific about why you care about this public safety issue and how you feel it effects you and your family.  I encourage you to contribute your own letter. I’ll be delighted to deliver it on your behalf to those I meet.  Here’s some suggested wording to augment your personal story:

I support and respectfully ask you to co-sponsor common-sense legislation such as the following bills recently introduced into the United States Congress:

1) Require background checks for all gun purchasers.
2) Limit assault weapons and ammunition magazines of more than 10 rounds.
3) Give law enforcement the means to stop gun trafficking.

[your story here]

Too many of our families have been destroyed by gun violence and we won’t tolerate further inaction in Congress. I urge you to take a stand for families and law enforcement by co-sponsoring and enacting sensible regulations.

I am a member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (formerly One Million Moms for Gun Control) and I vote.

About Moms Demand Action: Much like Mothers Against Drunk Driving was created to reduce drunk driving, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America was created to demand action on common-sense gun legislation. We are a non-partisan grassroots movement of American mothers demanding new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws and loopholes that have jeopardized the safety of our children and families.

I’ll be happy to print whatever you may wish to contribute and deliver copies by hand to as many senators and representatives I may meet. Just email you message to me at this address:



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