California Communities Rising Up Against Fracking (Tour)

from Global Exchange

Join the Tour: California Communities Rising Against Fracking
San Francisco to San Diego, April 15-22, 2013

From flaming kitchen sinks, to exploding gas wells, toxic air, floating fish, lost property values, cancers, toxic waste dumped under aquifers, the quadrupling of regional earthquakes and severe impacts on climate change— hydraulic fracturing (fracking) may be the most destructive energy process in the US that there is. On the east coast, fracking is used primarily for natural gas. In CA, it’s oil fracking, and while that might not make your sink catch on fire, it’s a hazardous business.

The fracking boom has begun in California, promising to transform the state into the top oil producer in the U.S. Existing well rigs throughout the state are being fracked, particularly in the shale areas of central California all the way down to the border of Mexico, but detailed, public information is limited. In the Golden state, fracking is unregulated and unmonitored. Corporations do not need to disclose the toxic chemicals they are using or inform communities that fracking is happening. As a water-poor state, fracking and its toxic wastewater presents a serious danger to our communities and ecosystems. And in a state prone to earthquakes, human-induced fault pressures present an alarming risk. As a result of all of this, fracking in California is a well-kept secret: only 50% of residents know what fracking is. But that is about to change!

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