Thoughts on the 2/17/13 Forward on Climate rally

from “My Road Less Traveled” by Lisa Longo, 2/18/13

…being there yesterday with 50,000 others to attend the Forward on Climate rally and march was more than just a weekend trip, it was very inspiring, energizing and amazing, and I look forward to hearing from our President and Congress on a few of the pressing  issues that brought us to Washington.

Those include the Keystone XL Pipeline. Hydraulic fracturing and its exemption from basic safety regulation. The billions of dollars gifted to the fossil fuel industry every year. And let’s not forget the millions of acres the BLM leases for oil & gas permits in our name. I think it is time to remind each other, this land is our land, and we can stop extreme extraction on our land, all it takes is a willingness to speak up and the resolve to stand firm.

And it seems to me, though it may feel like the road less traveled, the journey of an activist is actually our common denominator. We have a long and established tradition of activism in this country. From our founding fathers to our feminist mothers, activists have led and bled for the evolution of our society. For fairness. For equality. For protection. For freedom.

Our founding fathers started a revolution rather than live under tyranny. A tradition we see furthered by Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and others. A tradition we now are being asked to continue. And with new leaders. Now it is Bill McKibben who offers us a vision of our future. He reminds us of who we can be. And that we have a duty and power bestowed upon us by our Constitution, to fight to protect those inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….

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