Education in Obama’s Second Term: What Lies Ahead?

by Gerald Coles, Living in Dialogue, 1/30/13

…While a surface reading of the remarks suggest a concern for schooling and children, particularly poor children, to anyone who has followed the president’s words and policies during the last four years, these remarks are familiar and disturbing. Regrettably, they embrace an intention to continue to support and promote the corporate-influenced assumptions and policies of his first term.

…In the president’s inaugural speech, the few signs of his thinking about education and poverty offer no hope that policy in the next four years will differ from the last four. Bleak poverty will continue, education will be constrained within the boundaries of educating to “compete in the global economy,” the curriculum will be narrowly crafted toward that goal, corporate attacks on the public schools will be promoted through more support of privatized alternatives, and the president will continue to regard charter schools as “incubators of innovation”. It will be in stark contrast to the schooling that Martin Luther King, Jr. would have worked to achieve.

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