My inaugural speech

by Lisa Longo, 1/20/13

As we embark on this next four years, I ask you to ponder our past. Because we ignore our history at our own peril. We must not pretend that our current economic troubles were created in a vacuum. They were engineered, scripted, legislated and mishandled by bungled and flawed policies, which I can sum up in four words: “small government, less taxes”.

To think that a nation the size of these United States can operate on a shoestring budget and seat of the pants strategy as put forth by the conservative movement is ludicrous. We are a complex nation, made more so by our Constitution which gives each State the right to legislate separately.

The future of our nation rests squarely on our ability to build a foundation upon which our children will be able to continue to build. We cannot cheat. We cannot do this “on the cheap”. We cannot permit this foundation to be built with substandard materials or by skirting safety regulations. Far from it, we must insist that the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship be used.

For a over a decade we have had the conservative insistence that the way to build a strong economy was to heap all the profit into one small container and send it offshore. That somehow, this flawed trickle-down theory would provide riches for everyone.  Far from providing the “democratization of money”, conservative economic theory gave us an economy where some CEO’s make $100,000 per day, but the minimum wage is still less than $10 per hour.

The only way to achieve our national goals is to pursue an economy based upon sustainable principles. We must move beyond the simpleton slogans and accept the fact that arithmetic works every time.  Money, like all other resources, is not infinitely available. When you give most of it to the few, there is less for the many. The question before us now is: how do we have a balanced economy without the dogma of conservatism calling it socialism and a redistribution of wealth?…

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