“Highest integrity and character”: the case of Joan Orie Melvin

by Nathaniel Smith, Politics:  A View from West Chester, 1/19/13Joan Orie Melvin

I didn’t mention this choice exhibit from September, 2009, when I looked through my archives on the Republican party to write up “Primary 2012 and the plight of the Republican party” (12/12/12).

I particularly noted the 2009 claim that Judge Orie Melvin had “the highest integrity and character.”

In today’s (1/19/13) Daily Local News, Joe Mandak’s AP story “DA wants to bar Melvin from raising trial” (not on DLN site; see it at PhillyBurbs.com) reminds us of the sorry story of now suspended PA Supreme Court Justice Orie Melvin, who has been on trial for using state employees’ tax-payer-paid time on personal campaigns.

To make matters worse, one of her two sisters, a former PA State Senator, is already in jail for the same offense, and another sister–a former member of Melvin’s staff in the Supreme Court–will be going on trial soon for being part of such schemes.

You can find details in “DA responds to Pa. justice’s Supreme Court appeal” by Joe Mandak, AP, Daily Local News, 1/10/13.

Sad to say, Wikipedia’s “ List of American state and local politicians convicted of crimes” has more PA examples of politicians going to jail from 2000 to the present than any other state….

continue reading at Politics:  A View from West Chester


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