We the People

by Lisa Longo, 1/13/13


And with those words, the world was forever changed. It sends shivers up my spine. The thought that a group of citizens came together and were able to change the world. To overcome one of the largest armies and empires of the time. Of course, most of us like to forget that it was a long bloody war to gain independence. Or ignore the fact that millions of Native American’s were displaced and killed, their land stolen, their way of life destroyed. I acknowledge this and the myriad problems our Nation has, and still, I can say, our Constitution is one of the greatest documents ever written.

We took a day off this week and went to Philadelphia. We visited Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the National Constitution Center. To stand in the hall where our Declaration of Independence was debated and then later the months of debate over our Constitution. We walked through the halls where George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and the other delegates walked. We stood in the first hall that sat the first House of Representatives and visited the room where George Washington was inaugurated upon his reelection.

More than anything else spending the day in these places reminded me why I am an activist, why I work hard to motivate others to become involved in our government, and why our democratic system works best with your participation.

Despite what we have been led to believe, it was a group of rabble rousing community activists who were at the head and led our revolution for Independence. And it is time for us to remember that “we the people” are in charge of this grand experiment. It is up to us to tell our elected representatives what we want and how we want to move forward. It is not up to lobbyists. It is not up to ALEC. And it is certainly not up to people like the Koch Brothers or their fictional corporate persons.

We have to start now and I am going to ask each of you to do something. I want you to contact your legislator and request a meeting. And I want you to go to that meeting with a list of questions, a notepad, and if you have one, a recording device. Go and discuss issues that are important to you, for me, I plan to ask about the 3e’s: education, environment and equality.

I want my elected officials to understand that I expect them to vote to protect our way of life…..

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