The Governor’s lawsuit

by Kurt Jaworski

Regarding Gov. Corbett’s insulting, politically motivated lawsuit, and that portion of vociferous alums that appear eager to impose national amnesia, it is important to remember the simple truth that institutional failures require institutional remedies. It is quite disheartening to see the same wrong-headed anti-NCAA arguments repeated endlessly, with very little mention of the victims and the enormity of this university enabled crime; victims, mind you, hand-picked from typically fatherless struggling households, and lured to a ‘lost childhood’ by the great god, football.

As in any willful act of institutional criminality, the penalties must be punitive penalties, so much so that they force the subject organization to suffer at least a temporary derailing of its identity, stature and future. Only then can real, structural healing begin. The idea as always in such cases is to prove by example that an enabling silence in the face of criminality is criminality itself. And that institutions, and the individuals that define them, will always pay a heavy price for such failures.


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