Chester County voter registrations by party, 1998-2012

by Nathaniel Smith, Politics: A View from West Chester, 1/6/13

After some calculating from PA Department of State online files, I figured out the Chesco voter registration by party since 1998:

In the line chart, the red line shows Republican registration, blue Dem, and yellow Other. The square dots show alternating general and primary elections.

Chesco Voter reg 1998-2012 chart

From November, 1998, through November, 2007, there was a slow rise in the Dem %, with a slight upward bump for the general election of 2004 (Kerry v. Bush). Also in 2004, there was a bump up for Others and down for R’s, suggesting perhaps some anti-Bush movement.

Dem registration continued its slow rise (perhaps this rising baseline is due to demographic factors) and then took a large jump with the primary (Obama v. Clinton) and general (Obama v. McCain) elections of 2008. Both R’s and Others contributed to that D jump.

Since then, the D and R numbers and (next chart) the D to R ratio year by year have been quite stable. …

Chesco D:R ratio 1998-2012keep reading text and see underlying data at Politics: A View from West Chester

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