Why the Obama team feared Jon Huntsman

by Nathaniel Smith, Politics: A View from West Chester, 12/19/12

I agree with those who say Huntsman would have been a more formidable opponent to Obama than Romney was. Huntsman actually has some principles, he’s not a talking point guy, he believes in the power of reason and reality-based analysis, and as former ambassador to China he knows how to size up our place in the world… and how to speak Chinese.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview posted today by the Ripon Society. I just don’t see anything to disagree with below. I think John Boehner and his team in Congress could learn a lot from Huntsman about the national interest and how to get there. Hmm… how about Huntsman for Secretary of State?

From “A Q&A with Jon Huntsman“:

…I would argue that you don’t have much of a foreign policy or national security policy if you’re weak at home. And with our fundamentals that are in need of a fix — shoring up in other words whether it’s our economic performance, whether it’s schools, whether it’s basic infrastructure that allows us to be competitive as a Nation – all of these things need to be a part of what I consider an effort to rebuild our fundamentals in this Nation. Because that, in turn, will allow us to pursue a stronger foreign policy and national security policy. …

continue reading at Politics: A View from West Chester


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