If not Sandy Hook … then what will it take?

Letter to the editor, Daily Local News, 12/18/12

If the Sandy Hook school tragedy, with the senseless murder of little children and their heroic educators, does not move us to end our gun-controlled, NRA-poisoned society by enacting real, effective, strict gun controls, then what can? If thousands of senseless murders on our streets and in our homes have not ended the insanity, maybe Sandy Hook finally can.

Now is the time to have this discussion … not later, not years ago, not in years to come … now. The NRA has drowned out discussion of gun violence and threatened and bribed our lawmakers for too long — it is time to let the NRA’s paid-for congressional representatives and senators know that we want this conversation now — not later.

It is time for all compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent Americans to drown out the gun-crazed noise to redefine who we are. At this time of year, we should realize that no “prince of peace” would carry a gun or condone the insane proliferation of guns in our society.

As this tragedy unfolds, I am writing from Russia (where I teach Russian lawyers the legal precepts of our so-called “civil society”). The Russian people voice déjà vu to me, as they send their condolences to our country. In 2004 in Beslan, the Russian people experienced the senseless murder of 186 children among a total of 334 dead in a school hostage crisis. It doesn’t matter if these murders are carried out by political terrorists (as in Beslan) or by a lone crazed gunman (as in Sandy Hook). The children and their valiant protectors are all dead.

We Americans must show the world that we are, in fact, the “civil society” that we boast about and preach to others. Right now, I am hard put for answers to questions about “Why?” such things happen in our “civil society,” which does not appear so “civil” right now.

Director of the Chester County Peace Movement


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