Gun control and presidential debates, fall 2012

by Nathaniel Smith, Politics: A View from West Chester, December 15, 2012

I didn’t recall the subject of gun control being raised in the presidential debates this fall, but it was.

There were indeed no references to the terms firearm(s), gun(s) or weapon(s) in the first presidential debate, 10/3/12 and third presidential debate, 10/22/12.

However, there was a substantive exchange in the second presidential debate, 10/16/12.

For context to the latest horrific massacre in our country, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun violence lists 12 major shooting sprees–meaning 3+ dead–in the US in the past five months, not including the latest. These events are now so commonplace that I don’t recall even having heard of this one, pretty close to home:

July 9, 2012
At a weekend soccer tournament in Delaware three people died and two were wounded. The dead included the tournament organizer, a 16-year-old boy participating in the tournament and one of three suspects alleged to have initiated the deadly violence Sunday afternoon at a park near downtown Wilmington.

For a notable contrast to our own culture, see “None Dead’ in China: Sensible Laws vs. Maniacal Attacks: 8,000 miles away from Connecticut, a vicious attack on school children has only one grace: all survived,” by Beth Brogan and Jon Queally, Common Dreams, 12/15/12. (It seems the Chinese use knives, not guns, when they set out to massacre children.)…

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