As PTC Extension Is Debated, Wind Layoffs Hit Pennsylvania and Other States

John Hanger’s Facts of The Day, 11/19/12

The failure to timely extend the wind production tax credit could cause 37,000 layoffs in the US wind business. Some of that pain has hit Pennsylvania, where Gamesa first laid off some workers during the summer. Last week, Gamesa announced another round of layoffs at its Ebensburg, Cambria County factory where 92 of 154 employees have been laid off or given notice of layoff.

The linked to article also reports 600 wind layoffs by Siemens and 179 by Clipper. The toll is mounting.

Unfortunately, Governor Corbett refused to defend Pennsylvania’s wind jobs, when he pointedly refused to sign a bi-partisan letter supporting the extension of the wind production tax credit. His refusal sent the message that he will defend some energy jobs but not those held by wind and renewable energy workers.

Despite Corbett’s inaction to extend the wind tax cut, the odds, however, are improving that the wind production tax credit will be renewed soon. Yet, at this point, at least temporary damage has been done to good, hard working people in Pennsylvania and around the country.

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