Sexual Justice was the Real Winner Last Night

by Jill McDevitt, A day in the Life of a Sexologist, 11/7/12

I am one happy sexologist because last night’s election was historically victorious for women, equal marriage, reproductive freedom, and anyone who have ever been raped or is disgusted by rape. Basically, on sexology terms, I couldn’t have written the outcome better myself.

A record number of women were elected to US Senate! Win! This included Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, the first openly gay senator! Win! The first openly pansexual legislator was elected, Mary Gonzalez of Texas. Win! All five rape apologist candidates, Akin of MO, Mourdock of IN, Smith of PA, McMahon of CT, and Koster of WA, all lost! YAHOOOO! The marriage equality initiatives in Maryland AND Maine AND Washington passed, historically being the first time such a measure was won by a popular vote, and a Minnesota initiative to exclude marriage from same-sex couples was voted down! Win win win and more win! Even a ballot question in Florida that would limit access to abortion was voted down. I can’t get over it. This was the most sex-positive American election of all time! Sexual justice was the winner last night.


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