by Lawrence Davidson, To the Point Analyses, 11/11/12, excerpt:

…Part III — After the Victory

After his victory the reelected president gave a “lets all come together” speech that, under present circumstances, is embarrassing to listen to. Having been crudely defamed and ridiculed for months on end one would like to see from Obama a public hint, a mere glint, of annoyance with the Republicans. Those feelings would be human and proper. However, according to Obama, though some of us might disagree “fiercely”, the insulting tone taken toward him was just a manifestation of “noisy and messy” democracy. In president Obama’s estimation, despite the political mud slinging, we all want the same kind of America. Somehow I don’t think so. The Tea Party Republicans and neoconservative militarists do not want the same sort of American that (we sincerely hope) Obama does. It is a pretty safe bet that even John A. Boehner, the Speaker of the Republican controlled House, does not want the same America as Obama.

Nonetheless, on victory night Obama told his supporters, “I just spoke with Gov. Romney and…I also look forward to sitting down with [him] to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward.” This is not just a pro forma offer. I am convinced that Obama wants to do exactly as he says. For in his heart of hearts he is a compromiser. He will compromise with just about anyone on just about anything. Given the political structure within which he lives, that means he will compromise with rabid Republicans, Zionists and neoconservatives–if they will only “see reason” and compromise with him. Actually, the probable exception to this list are American progressives. Obama and his advisers probably feel that progressives are just a fringe group who will support the Democrats anyway and so they don’t have to take their goals and values into consideration.

Thus all the early indicators are that the second term Obama will be a lot like the first term one. Yet there are so many of his supporters who are sure this will not be the case. They swallow whole that teasing line “the best is yet to come.” As one 2012 supporter said, “things are going to be different in Washington now that Obama proved he has the majority of Americans on his side.” I thought he had already proved that in 2008. …

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