Our voices will not be silenced.

email from Sandra Fluke / PFAW, 11/3/12

With your help, we can make sure voters understand the devastating impact Romney and Ryan would have on women, working families, people of color, students, and the LGBT community.

When it comes to women’s rights, President Obama has our backs. Mitt Romney would turn his back on women … and turn back the clock on the progress we’ve made. We can’t put our rights in Romney’s hands.

When I was verbally attacked for standing up for women’s access to affordable contraception, we were all shocked.

But then we saw that attack for what it was–an attempt to silence strong women everywhere, and the men who care about them, for speaking out for our reproductive health and rights.

Instead of silencing us, our voices only became louder. And I am grateful that we’ve brought to light the legislative assault on women’s health and economic stability that has been waged for too long. 

People For the American Way has long been shining a light on those dark efforts to roll back women’s rights.  That’s why I’m asking you to stand with women by standing with PFAW.

When you consider the kind of future women could face under a Romney/Ryan Administration, your support for PFAW has never been more critical than it is now.

PFAW is waging an aggressive campaign in battleground states to make sure women voters know exactly what the GOP’s agenda is. In particular, PFAW’s Romney Court campaign is running TV ads and field efforts to highlight perhaps the biggest single threat women face this election: what a Romney presidency would mean for the Supreme Court. 

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney vetoed a bill that would have guaranteed victims of sexual assault access to emergency contraception in the ER. And Paul Ryan championed a bill in Congress that would let pregnant women die preventable deaths in our hospitals.

Mitt Romney has repeatedly kowtowed to the extremist, bigoted voices in his own party. Now, the Romney Camp is trying to hide from their horrendous record on women’s rights. PFAW needs your help to ensure the Romney/Ryan attacks on women’s rights remain front and center in this election… and that every woman, and every man who cares about a woman, who walks into a voting booth in November knows the clear choice we face.

So please, help PFAW stop Romney-Ryan now, for you and the women you care about. Thank you so very much for your generosity.


Sandra Fluke


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