CMD Wins Business Ethics Network “BENNY” Awards for ALEC Work

from Center for Media and Democracy, 10/29/12

Releases New Report “Buying Influence” a State by State Analysis on Which Legislators Get ALEC “Scholarships” and Which Corporations Pay for Them

MADISON, WI — The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) has been honored by The Business Ethics Network, which celebrates outstanding contributions to the advancement of corporate ethics, with two awards – the BENNY Award and the Populist Category BENNY – for our campaign asking corporations to “Dump ALEC.”

Also, a new report by CMD, Common Cause, and DBA Press, released last week, says hundreds of “scholarships” provided to lawmakers by ALEC were actually expense-paid junkets to resorts where ALEC hosted meetings to advance its pro-corporate legislative agenda. Approximately $4 million has been spent since 2006.

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The BENNY Awards honor CMD, Common Cause, Color of Change, People for the American Way, and Progress Now for our collective work persuading some of the world’s largest corporations to stop funding the right-wing corporate bill mill, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

The announcements from 41 major corporations in the past seven months show that citizen activism and customer pressure can work. “These corporations are doing the right thing in leaving ALEC, especially in the wake of newly emerged information showing how ALEC has been skirting federal and state lobbying and ethics laws,” said Lisa Graves, executive director of CMD. “CMD is honored to receive the BENNY Awards and hopes that next year we’ll have heard from many more companies announcing an end to their relationships with ALEC.”

CMD isn’t bankrolled by big business like ALEC, but relies on concerned citizens to fund our continued investigations.

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