“Buying Influence,” a Special Report Released; ALEC Corporate Slush Fund Pays for State Lawmakers’ Junkets

[for 4 ChesCo legislators with ALEC Ties, see here.]

by Lisa Graves, Center for Media and Democracy, October 26, 2012

Internal records show ALEC corporations have spent an estimated $4 million to send legislators to posh resorts since 2006

Corporate backers of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) have funneled more than an estimated $4 million in gifts to state legislators for travel, hotel rooms, and meals at posh resorts since 2006, according to estimates based on internal ALEC records. The corporate lobby front group is already facing an Internal Revenue Service review of claims that it violated federal law by posing as a charity.

Cover of Buying Influence ReportA new report by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), Common Cause, and DBA Press says hundreds of “scholarships” provided to lawmakers by ALEC were actually expense-paid junkets to resorts where ALEC hosted meetings to advance its pro-corporate legislative agenda. The report reflects ALEC’s complete record of travel-related payments to lawmakers from 2006 through 2008, when the group was spending about $600,000 annually on the trips, and partial data for the years since then, a period when ALEC has increased its membership by several hundred legislators.

“ALEC has created a scheme to funnel money from corporations to pay for legislators’ trips, amounting to a million dollar-plus slush fund that leaves constituents in the dark about who is really footing the bills for their representatives,” the report said….

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