Natonal Religious Campaign Against Torture

2012 Election Resource Center [download resources there]

The 2008 elections gave us a President who halted torture on his second full day in office. The 2010 elections gave us a Congress that attempted to authorize indefinite military detention of people captured on U.S. soil. The 2012 elections will also have major repercussions on our work.

Please help us elect a government that will firmly oppose torture. Please use these materials:

* Presidential Voter Guide that you can share with family and friends
* Bird-dogging materials that you can use to put candidates on record with respect to their positions on torture.
* Candidate questionnaires that, if filled out, can be used to make Voter Guides for particular races.
* An LTE packet that describes how to help publicize candidates’ positions (or lack thereof) on torture.

See also 2012 Senate and US House scorecards here]


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