Mitt Romney: Third Party Candidate

By Bill Boyarsky, TruthDig, 10/3/12

Massachusetts Mitt is back. The right-winger of the Republican primaries is gone. Forget everything Mitt Romney has said in the past. In Wednesday night’s debate, he moved from the right to the center, where he needs to be in order to win the presidency.

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama let him get away with it in their debate at the University of Denver. He did challenge Romney on the heart and soul of the Republican candidate’s campaign, a dismantling of the economic and social safety net and a tax plan that would reward the very rich and hurt the middle class, the working poor and the unemployed. But Obama failed to point out the inconsistencies between what Romney was saying in the debate and what he has been saying in his campaign. And the president failed to show outrage at the Romney tax plan. Instead, his manner was annoyingly cool.

The post-debate media analyzers welcomed Romney back to the center, a position they love. His months of attacks on social and economic justice programs and immigrants—necessary to knock out Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and the other primary opponents—will be forgotten. The latest incarnation of Romney will be embraced by the mainstream media. To political journalists, every day is new. There is no past….

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