Average Americans?

letter, Daily Local News, 4/6/12

After two costly wars, tax cuts to the very wealthy, a financial near-meltdown, and the resultant recession, the still-recovering economy has been very much on people’s minds, and deficits and debts of course have to be met.

In order to do so, the Obama administration has basically advocated reducing expenses wherever possible, closing corporate and other loopholes, and increasing revenue by following the “Buffett Rule” of “fair share” tax rates for all.

To make up for the deficits and debts, Republican candidates have endorsed the “Ryan Plan,” which, among other things, would reduce or even eliminate portions of Medicare and Medicaid, already paid into by every working American.

We all need to look carefully at these two different sets of priorities, and consequences, between now and this November’s election, and at who’s really thinking of, and working for, average Americans.

David W. Long
West Chester


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