Time for Real Democracy

By Bill Shein, Reason Gone Mad, 12/15/11

Two notable events took place on Tuesday, though few may have noticed the vital connection between them.

The first was a long-overdue speech by Attorney General Eric Holder addressing shameful efforts, in more than two dozen states, to limit democratic participation by restricting early voting, adding unnecessary ID requirements, and curtailing voter-registration drives. These efforts, which impact millions of otherwise-eligible, low-income, young, old, and minority voters, are perhaps the greatest threat to voting rights since the Jim Crow era.

Underwritten by corporate-backed groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council, the goal of this crackdown on voting is simple: Close the door on a truly representative democracy. Because those who profit from today’s unjust status quo know they must block massive citizen action – whether it’s Occupy-style uprisings or huge turnout on Election Day – in order to maintain their grip on power….

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