They’re selling out our public schools

Letter, Daily Local News, 11/25/11

At a time when the Republican controlled Legislature in Harrisburg just cut hundreds of millions of dollars from our public schools, Harrisburg should not spend taxpayer dollars on a voucher program that gives up to $1 billion in taxpayer money to private schools. These schools are responsible to no one, as they are not held accountable to standardized testing results. This voucher program leaves too many children behind in underfunded public schools.

Unfortunately, Sen. Andy Dinniman (D, Chester County) did just that in voting “yes” on Senate Bill 1!

Vouchers do not provide “savings” to public schools, since they maintain the same overhead costs of maintaining buildings, transporting and feeding students, providing support services, and can’t reduce staff or other costs if a few students across different grade levels transfer to private schools.

If state funding for K-12 education is cut, and vouchers drain dollars from public schools, the likely result is higher property taxes and cuts to public school programs that are proven to work, as districts struggle to fill the gap to provide a quality education to their students….

Jane Bowen
West Grove

read the whole letter at Daily Local News

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