U.S. tax money being squandered on war

letter, Daily Local News, 6/22/11

I approve Rep. Joe Pitts’ “yea” votes on House Resolutions 51 and 292, which direct the President to remove U.S. armed forces from Libya and states that the President shall not deploy U.S. armed forces on the ground in Libya.

Already we have spent almost a billion dollars on the Libyan military operations.

I hope that our Congress demands that we bring all our troops home from both Iraq and Afghanistan. We are destroying those two countries while we neglect our own poverty-stricken citizens and our rapidly deteriorating infrastructure which the American Society of Civil Engineers gives an overall unsatisfactory grade of “D” and they estimate would cost $2.2 trillion to repair — a sum we have squandered already on our wars in those two countries.

The money per year that it takes to support our troops in Afghanistan would give 2 million American jobs in the U.S. at $50,000 a year each, and that would give a real good boost to our own ailing economy.

Daniel Riehl

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