Stop the disenfranchisement of thousands of Pennsylvanians

Action Alert: Because Freedom Can’t Protect Itself

Voting is a fundamental constitutional right – not a privilege.

Tell your representative to protect this right by voting against the voter ID bill, House Bill 934.


Dear friend of liberty,

No civil right is more important in our democracy than the right to vote. Yet today there is a bill in the state House of Representatives that threatens to disenfranchise thousands of Pennsylvanians.

House Bill 934 would require voters to show government-issued ID every time they vote. Thousands of Pennsylvanians – a disproportionate number of them low-income, racial and ethnic minorities, or elderly – lack the ID required by the bill. In some cases people who have voted regularly for years could suddenly find themselves ineligible to vote.

Our elected officials should be encouraging Pennsylvanians to participate in the electoral process – not throwing up new barriers.

Urge your representative to vote “No!” on the voter ID bill.

In addition to preventing thousands of citizens from voting, this bill would cost Pennsylvania taxpayers an estimated $11 million to implement, at a time when the state is facing potentially devastating cuts to social services and education.

Help stop the disenfranchisement of thousands of Pennsylvanians by telling your legislator to vote “No” on the voter ID bill.

In liberty,

Andy Hoover
Legislative Director
ACLU of Pennsylvania

See also “States Working Hard to Solve Nonexistent Voting Problem” at ACLU, 5/25/11.


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