Rally to Save Education

by Joy Sorrentino at Change Is Possible, 4/29/11

Nothing gets you pumped like a political rally! The passion radiating from supporters was intoxicating. Senator Andy Dinniman was the conductor of this wonderful political orchestra. He spoke with drive and conviction! He mentioned how we all want to stabilize the bill, Republic and Democratic, we just can’t agree on how. Dinniman stated how hindering education would only increase our problems. This, I agree.

Each speaker presented their reasons for keeping education a top priority for our country. A local West Chester University student showed his appreciation for all those who rallied to keep college affordable so far. He expressed the importance of affordable higher education, which will not be the case if Corbett’s Budget is passed. State universities will have their funding cut by 53%. If you get annoyed by alumni letters requesting donations now, imagine how many more you will get if this goes through.

It was stressed for people to understand that even though state taxes will not go up, local property taxes will. This is all a method of how you view it. In the end, you will have to pay money. If college funding is cut, you will have higher tuition rates. If programs are eliminated, you will have to pay for extra help for your child. The question is, which direction will help us grow and which will set us back?…

continue reading and see slide show at at Change Is Possible

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