Fight for Education

by Joy Sorrentino at Change Is Possible, 4/26/11

Now more than people need to work together to help repair the damages from this economic storm. The legislatures elected to lead the people, for the people, are not cutting it. Education is in dangerous water right now which should NOT be the case. It’s up to the people to fight for what we need!

Governor Corbett is proposing a budget cut that will create an array of issues. There is little money available, this is not news. People are unwilling to take tax increases and as promised, Corbett is proposing a plan to ensure that does not occur. The problem with this is we WILL be moving backwards. We have to stop listening to money and start paying attention to our children.

Below lists what Corbett’s Budget Cut will do and how it will affect us. Please read and follow up with research from your local school district website….

Please get out and help fight for education!

This budget cut will affect lower education as well as higher. Overall, we will all pay the price over time.

On Wednesday, April 27th, at 7 p.m., there is a rally in West Chester, on the steps of the Historic Chester County Courthouse at High and Market streets. This rally is promoted by State Senator, Andy Dinniman. Please come out! Numbers do count, your voice does matter. Our future generation matters.

read the full article at Change Is Possible

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