Video: Rep. John Dingell Recaps Most Inflammatory Comments Made by Right Wing Politicians and Pundits `

by Tana Ganeva, Alternet, 1/12/11

Earlier today Rep. John Dingell did a recap of some of the more inflammatory statements made by right-wing politicians and pundits in the past two years.

“I want to read a few of the statements that I’ve seen that I find to be pretty awful,” said Dingell from the floor of the House, before running through some of the right-wing’s classy contributions to the political debate (including the desire to beat an elected official with a shovel, seeing another burst into flame, and a recurring reference to 2nd amendment’ remedies).

“Members of this body have a duty to speak out,” concluded Dingell, “As do members of the media who have been saying these kinds of things and leading us into a time when we create a threat not just to the lives and wellbeings of our members but also to the lives and wellbeing of this country and its debates.”

Watch Dingell’s speech:


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