Mr. Pitts has it wrong

letter, Daily Local News, 9/9/10

Referring to Congressman Joe Pitts’ Op-Ed, “It’s all about listening to America,” (DLN, Sept. 6) what the congressman apparently fails to grasp is that America spoke in the last presidential election by electing Barack Obama president. That was when America spoke, sir, according to our great Constitution and the tenets of democracy.

That a noisy, whining and misled minority has held boisterous “town halls,” often “yelling down” duly elected officials and has threatened and cajoled itself into notoriety, all the while injecting a racist and xenophobic mob mentality into our democratic process, does not mean that no one is “listening to America.”

The minority “America” Congressman Pitts writes about is financed by huge corporate conglomerates (that also finance him) that have created not grassroots, but Astroturf, and is egged on by those greedy corporate interests that back Fox News.

The “America” Congressman Pitts writes about fans the fires of racism, bigotry, and xenophobia constantly day-in, day-out with one goal: To make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Mr. Pitts, you are not speaking about my America, which spoke most eloquently and intelligently in the democratic election of Barack Obama as our president. Perhaps you, sir, are the one who should “listen to America.”

Karen Porter
West Goshen


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