Kucinich Asks His Colleagues to Vote No on War Escalation Funding

by David Swanson, 7/26/10, at WarIsACrime.org

92,000 Reasons to Get Out of Afghanistan and Pakistan – Pick One

Washington D.C. (July 26, 2010) – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is circulating the following letter to Members of Congress in advance of expected votes on Tuesday:

Dear Colleague,

WikiLeaks released 92,000 previously secret documents (any one of which presumably could be a case for a congressional hearing) which demonstrate that Congress has not been given a true account of the war by either the military or by two administrations.

We cannot and must not ignore the latest documented evidence from WikiLeaks now circulating on the Internet for the entire world to see:

* Our troops being placed in mortal peril because of poor logistics.
* Countless innocent civilians killed “by mistake.”
* An Afghanistan “government” which is hopelessly corrupt.
* Pakistan Intelligence collaborating with the Taliban against the US.
* The Pentagon understating the firepower of the insurgents.
* A top Pakistani General visiting a suicide bombing school monthly.

Will we go deeper into the war in Afghanistan despite knowing that it is a growing disaster?

Will our Special Forces’ footprint in Pakistan widen without congressional consent?

Tomorrow there will be an opportunity to stop this madness. First we can vote FOR

H. Con. Res 301, the Kucinich-Paul Resolution, which invokes the War Powers Resolution to require withdrawal of our troops from Pakistan, in order to nip the next ground war in the bud. Next, we can vote against the $33 billion supplemental war appropriation.

Don’t we know enough now to begin to demand an end to these wars? Can we ignore the budgetary impact of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, especially when there are so many pressing needs for jobs, housing, education, health care and retirement security here at home?

Vote FOR HConRes 301, The Kucinich-Paul Resolution to Withdraw from Pakistan.

Vote Against the $33 Billion Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan War Supplemental.

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