It's all about bonds, Steele says

Hollywood, 4/4/10 – Following several resignations and firings at the Republican National Committee, chairman Michael Steele held a press conference outside the Voyeur Hollywood West, site of an off-color gathering of your donors.

“Allison assured me,” he said, referring to the fired staffer who put the controversial charge on her RNC credit card, “that this bondage thing was about stocks and bonds, an investment in the party’s future. We invest $2000, she said, and the market forces like our bonds, and then more money comes in. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?”

“I take full responsibility for any misunderstanding,” Steele added. “As a leader of action, I’m going to step inside right now and check out these bonds. Anyone who has broken any rules ought to be punished in the stocks.”

In related news, Steele also agreed to mediate a dispute between John McCain and Sarah Palin over whether McCain is or is not a maverick this month.

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