Obama and Socialism redux

Seth Kahn, Here Comes Trouble, February 10, 2010

Dear Tea Party Activists:

When are you going to get this? I’m not talking about the Republicans in Washington, DC, or the ones who write the talking points memos. I’m talking to you, the “activists,” the ones who believe you’re the vanguard of a revolution.

It’s hard to be the vanguard of revolution when you’re such buffoons. Here’s a simple example of how flagrantly wrong you are–

Barack Obama is not a socialist. He’s not anti-capitalist. He doesn’t advocate workers’ controlling the means of production. He doesn’t advocate government control of much of anything.

Your leadership keeps telling you contradictory things, both of which you continue to repeat willy-nilly. On the one hand, they tell you Obama is a socialist. On the other, they tell you he’s in bed with the banks, financial planners, pharmaceutical companies, and insurers. If your IQ is above 20 or so, you ought to see the problem with that. It’s NOT POSSIBLE to be both anti-corporate and in bed with corporations at the same time.

I would agree, without a second’s hesitation, that the second claim is true. Obama is as or more pro-corporate than George W. Bush or any Republican has ever been.

So, before you hit the streets with signs accusing Barack Obama of taking two contradictory positions, open your damn eyes. This isn’t complicated at all.

UPDATED 3:26 PM 2/10/2010:

As if you needed more evidence showing how pro-corporate Obama is (which obviously you do, or you’d quit calling him a Socialist)–

In this article, Obama equates high salaries for talented professional athletes with large bonuses for “savvy” bankers.

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