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Obama is president … get over it

Letter in Daily Local News, September 15, 2009

American voters last November sent Barack Obama to the White House by a clear majority of votes, evidencing the majority’s desire for change in many areas, including health care reform. Even so, the media continue to highlight the noisy far-right fanatics who were not in that majority and who will not decide the direction of this country.

The media never gave as much coverage to those millions of us who protested the Iraq War repeatedly for years as they have to this loud minority, even though we organized much larger and more widespread demonstrations. The media, for whatever reason (money and corporate interests, we assume), are making it look like this crowd of right-wing malcontents speak for more people than they actually do. They do not speak for the majority (thank God), which was smart enough to elect Barack Obama. Continue reading

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No charges against ex-Justice official

Letter submitted re: “No charges against ex-Justice official,”, 9/12/09:

To the editor:

The decision by Attorney General Eric Holder to “defer” prosecution (Inquirer, 9/12) of a Bush-era Assistant Attorney General, for lying to Congress in public testimony, reinforces the Republican double standard which impeached President Clinton, but lets Republican abusers off scot-free. The official, Bradley Schlozman, is accused of lying to Congress about using federal district attorneys to influence elections. Such Soviet style corruption of the voting process goes to the very heart of our constitutional government, and goes well beyond the “dirty trick” private practical jokes of Dick Tuck in 1960 which so vexed Richard Nixon, to justify his Watergate “plumbers” operation. The Bush use of actual government employees and government agencies to harass his political opponents crosses so many constitutional thin blue lines, Schlozman might as well be running in the moral and consitutional Penn Relays. Holder cannot afford to let the statute of limitations pass on such election abuses. He should not defer prosecution for a single minute.

Ben Burrows
Elkins Park

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