How about a real Democrat?

letter in Daily Local News, 5/15/09:

It’s hard to believe that Sen. Arlen Specter will be given a free pass in the Senate primary to run for yet another term, this time as a Democrat.

Yes, he’s a chum of Joe Biden and Ed Rendell, but Sen. Specter has made a career of thwarting legislation dear to the hearts of loyal Pennsylvania Democrats. And in his announcement that he was switching parties, he admitted he couldn’t be counted on to vote with the Democratic leadership team just because he wanted to wear their uniform.

What would it take to enlist Congressman Joe Sestak to run as a real Democrat in the primary election? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a retired admiral with honest Democratic qualifications represent us in the Senate?

Let’s hope the newspaper editorial boards raise this as a possibility.

Ralph Mero
West Chester

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