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by: DocJess
DemConWatch, Tue. May 05, 2009

There was a lot of conversation yesterday among the people I know after these two things:

1. Tom Ridge’s name was floated as a possible competitor in the GOP primary

2. Arlen’s statement that he would not be a loyal Democrat (after having said he would be) circulated around

The emails flew, and conversations were emotional.

So first, if you lived in Pennsylvania, and the Senate candidates on your ballot were Tom Ridge (R) and Arlen Specter (D), for whom would you vote?

[form online at DemConWatch]

After the jump: what people were saying yesterday.

Here is the upshot of what I heard yesterday: Ridge wins over Specter. The reasons ranged from Specter being the worst kind of political opportunist since TLB Lieberman, to “Ridge was a good governor”, to Arlen isn’t really a Democrat. Of those who said that they would support Specter in such a race, the thinking was that a (D) trumped an (R) no matter what, even if he voted against the entire administration agenda. …

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