Tell Obama: End the Afghan War Now — Don't Escalate It!

On Friday, President Barack Obama announced his plans to escalate U.S. military actions in Afghanistan and Pakistan, including increasing the number of troops going to the region. This is bad news as it sinks the U.S. further into a quagmire in the “graveyard of Empires.”

On the positive side he also made some good statements on increasing diplomacy and economic aid to Afghanistan and Pakistan, but the emphasis is clearly on military operations. For his full speech on Afghanistan-Pakistan policy see here. The military escalation will undercut diplomacy and development.

The escalation is uniting the other side as Pakistan and Afghan factions of the Taliban are joining together to oppose the escalation of U.S. troops. The result will be — more death and destruction in a desperately poor region that has had little respite from war for decades; and continued draining of the U.S. treasury and exhaustion of troops.

Please tell the president that you oppose escalation of the military conflict in Afghanistan. You can do two things:

1) Call the White House – 202-456-1414

2) Click here to send President Obama a message opposing the escalation.

Your representatives in Washington, DC will be home for the next two weeks. Please tell them you oppose escalation in Afghanistan and Pakistan and want a more rapid and complete withdrawal from Iraq.


Kevin B. Zeese
Executive Director

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