Try a different approach

letter in Daily Local News, 2/27/09:

President Obama is sending 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan and plans on sending more later. Have we learned nothing from Iraq? How much will an endless war in Afghanistan cost the American taxpayer? How much will it cost in human life?

Wouldn’t it be fun, just once, to try a nonviolent approach to conflict situations? To wave the olive branch instead of the bloody sword? To bomb our alleged enemies with compassionate acts rather than missiles?

Greg Mortenson, an American with a serious new vision, has planted over 70 schools, primarily for girls, in that part of the world. How many of his schools will be destroyed in the crossfire, or be “accidentally” demolished by our predators’ bombs?

Kavita Ramdes, president of the Global Fund for Women, writes, “Yes, Afghanistan needs troops. But it needs troops of doctors, troops of teachers, troops of Peace Corps volunteers, and troops of farmers to go and replant the fruit orchards.”

Now there’s a surge that makes sense!

West Brandywine


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