Disagrees with statements on Gitmo

letter in Daily Local News, 2/27/09:

In response to the recent letter regarding President Obama’s decision to close Guantanamo Bay and the dire effects that it will have on our country’s safety, I must forcefully disagree. The author argues that waterboarding and other methods of torture were never used and that this was “made up” by the “leftists.'” Given the fact that then-Vice President Dick Cheney admitted publicly that waterboarding was, in fact, being used, I find this statement to be delusional.

The author also claims that the United States is now in jeopardy because of the impending closure of Guantanamo Bay. Apparently, he doesn’t realize that the way in which these prisoners are being held and our obvious dismissal of the Geneva Convention has directly impacted the safety of this country as more young men and women in the Middle East and elsewhere are being trained in terrorist tactics.

This is not something that has been concocted by the “leftists.” This is statistical fact. It is often helpful to be aware of one’s subject matter prior to writing a letter to the editor.

Stephanie Markstein
West Chester


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