In Iran’s defense

letter in the Inquirer, 2/20/09

Mark Bowden writes that it is America that was wronged by Iran, with the hostage-taking of U.S. diplomats in 1980, with arming of terrorists, and calling for the end of Israel (“Obama’s a curveball to Iran,” Sunday).

Has Iran been wronged, too? In 1953, the CIA helped overthrow Iran’s prime minister. The United States then supported the brutal shah until 1978. In the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war, the United States provided chemical weapons and intelligence to Saddam Hussein and shot down an Iranian passenger jet (saying it was an accident). Strong U.S. sanctions have hurt Iran’s economy. When Iran helped the United States overthrow the Taliban in 2001, Bush called Iran part of an axis of evil. When Iran offered to negotiate all issues in 2003, Bush dismissed it.

Maybe one could say that the Iranians have reason to fear, distrust and blame the United States just a little.

Janet Kestenberg Amighi
West Chester


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