Yes We Can, 1770’s

by DocJess

Good Morning from Valley Forge, PA, where a young George Washington (only 43 in 1775) led the Continental Army. He was a smart and capable leader whose military planning was decidedly out of the box. In 1781, with the French, he forced the surrender at Yorktown. Say goodnight, Cornwallis.

It was recently pointed out to me that about half of the Founding Fathers didn’t think they could possibly win against the British. Pretty convinced, they were, that they’d all probably hang for treason against the crown. I was told this on the second floor balcony of the Constitution Center, while looking across the green towards Independence Hall, as the sun set.

Most of the Founding Fathers had decent lives — they were neither malcontents nor unsuccessful. They could have just “sucked it up” and lived under British rule, but they saw the hope and promise of something better — for them, their children, and for you and for me.

They were the original “Yes, we can” boys. And by any measure, they gave us change worth believing in. Democracy over monarchy. Individualism over group think. Right over might. We don’t in our hearts thank their memories enough.

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