DocJess posts on the 2008 Presidential race


Last night in Detroit, Al Gore endorsed Barack Obama. If you missed it, watch it <a href=”; here .

If Al had campaigned in 2000 with the passion and surety that he had last night, the 8-year nightmare would never have occurred. Others will choose as their favourite line something from Al’s overall change message, or the environment, or the Kennedy analogies, for me, it was “even dogs and cats know we need change” (reference to tainted fatal Chinese pet food).

And on to McCain. Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination because she ran a bad campaign. In comparison to today’s McCain nonsense, the Clinton campaign looks solid, on message, and professional.

1. Do you remember Clayton Williams? He ran against Ann “that dog won’t hunt” Richards for Governor of Texas in 1990. His claim to fame? The lie-back-and-enjoy-it rape quote. Yes, really.

Clayton Williams raised about $300,000 for John McCain. McCain cancelled a public appearance with Williams, but is keeping the money. EEK!

2. Paula Abeles is a McCain organizer working to get Clinton women over to the McCain side. You may remember her from several years ago when she tried to get some of Thomas Jefferson’s descendants barred from the Monticello Association. That association is made up exclusively of Jefferson‚s descendants. Paula was committed only to barring those whose bloodline included Jefferson AND Sally Hemmings. Full story.

So let’s compare Monday. On the one hand, Al Gore points out (paraphrased) that if we discounted everyone young from serving in government, George Washington wouldn‚t have led the troops at Valley Forge, Jefferson wouldn‚t have been president, and James Madison would never have contributed to the Constitution: youth, vitality, smarts and brilliance can make a great country.

McCain brings us the joy of rape, and the exclusion of those of mixed-facial background from family reunions. Even Strom Thurmond, that late, great bastion of inclusion, eventually owned up to a mixed-race daughter.


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